Position: Marketing Director/International Freight Forwarder

Job responsibilities:
1. responsible for the relationship of building and development with company andcarrier freight department;
2. responsible for setting up, maintaining and improving thetrade route pricingsystem;
3. update the contract tariff regularly;
4. responsible for the timely reply and handle all the business department and branch of the route inquiry and various business requirements;
5. responsible for market information collection, the existing market analysis and forecast the future market;
6. responsible for the KPI target reached.
1. University Degree or recognized professional qualification as university equivalent.
2. Major in International Trade, English, Logistics.
3. At least 5 years relevant experience in Carrier or International NVOCC
4. Service contract negotiating experience and data analysis ability
5. knowledge specializing in presentation & spreadsheet programs
6. Strong personal responsibility
7. Excellent communication skills well versed in public speaking
8. CET-6 or above, Fluent in English speaking and writing