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AMASS first time visited destitute primary school of Guizhou

When you did not see the picture, the real scenes of the schools and kids in Guizou, you will never understand or deeply understand how poor they are. Just like people live there never saw the modern city, the skyscrapers, even the computers which has already been a part of our daily life. Next I will tell you what I have seen at Guizhou.

Thank our chairman and the management of AMASS, for their contribution and support, we started our first charity event—“Love at every day, Love at everywhere”, visit the destitute primary school of Guizhou.

At 26th of December, we arrived at Guiyang. It is a beautiful place that 3,000 KMs far from Shanghai, Guiyang has another name “Forest City”. There are 70% area planted makes the city looks full of green. Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou, although it is the cradle for the famous brand “Maotai”, most of the area in this province is still very poor.

The study environment is really bad, kids study at the shabby building with incomplete teaching equipment; they do not have a playground; most of the students have to walk a long distance for a round trip between school and home, it may cost them 1~2 hours per day. Furthermore, some of them have to do the farm after school. We cannot imagine that the lunch which has got government subsidy is the best meal of the day for the kids. The kids are all polite and intelligent; we can feel that they were happy when they received gifts such as pencils and books. They had dreams; they want to change their life, improve their families’ income by themselves if they will be admitted to a university, to get a job at big city. However, the reality is always cruel, most of their families cannot afford their tuition fees after they finished secondary school.

We were shocked during that trip. We believe that we have to support these kids. After we came back to Shanghai, we got a plan to do a series activities to help these vulnerable children. We hope the kids could have more smile, more happiness and more courage to change their destinies. “Love at everyday” now is on the way, there are few colleagues with us, we are looking forward more and more companions to join our team, to understand those children’s experience and situation, to encourage them meet difficulties confidently!