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AMASS Freight International Co., Ltd has been rated as a “2013 Five Star Enterprise” for
customs declaration in Shanghai

On 24th April 2014, Shanghai Customs Authorities and China Customs Brokers’ Association held 2013 commendation conference for “2013 Five Star Enterprises”. AMASS was awarded “Five Star Enterprise” for customs declaration in Shanghai. It marks the second consecutive year, AMASS is accredited with this award.

The award issued by CCBA, follows a comprehensive evaluation of the industry in terms of standardized declaration rate, declaration error rate and significant error rate, etc.

We are proud of this achievement by our customs clearance team, as it is affirming the quality and high standard of our declaration standards.

AMASS will continue to provide our “Five Star” customs declaration service to our customers, constantly improving our service level, dedicated to satisfying customers and authorities’ requirements.

Celebrating 10 years of AMASS, we are grateful for this recognition of our efforts, serving as a further milestone in our history.