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Shanghai AMASS Freight INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. awarded in 2013 China Forwarding Logistic Enterprises Rankings

In August 2014, Shanghai AMASS Freight INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd was awarded rank No.50 of “2013 China Forwarding Logistics Enterprises” 、rank No.18 of “2013 China Privately-owned Forwarding Logistics Enterprises” 、rank No.33 “2013 China international freight forwarders shipping logistics” and rank No.1 of “China international freight forwarders list of the fastest growing logistics enterprises”. The awards are annually hosted by CIFA (Chinese International Freight Forwarders Association) and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DAILY. AMASS Group is grateful for the recognition of our efforts and will continue to focus on providing best service to our customers on a daily basis, being a reliable and comprehensive service provider.