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Customer Advisory


Dear Customer,


In order to improve the supply chain security, the amendment to SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) Chapter VI, Regulation 2 will take into force on July 1 2016. The new regulations require shipper to provide a mandatory verified gross mass (VGM) to ocean carrier prior to loading aboard a vessel.


At present, discussions on the details of implementing the new regulations are still going on within the marine departments, transportation departments of different countries, terminals, vessel operators and other stakeholders. However, as the date is approaching, preparations are more specific. AMASS are keeping an close eye on the changes, and we will keep you informed.


As the leading LCL and integrated logistics service providers, AMASS are always supporting and abiding by the laws and regulations of supply chain security. And, as the SHIPPER on LCL/FCL Master Bill of Lading, we will be responsible for declaring truthfully VGM to ocean carriers.


Therefore, to smooth the change, we sincerely hope you, as the customers of AMASS, will help us to make sure:

1.       You provide gross weight  information of your cargo on the Booking Request, Customs Declaration, Shipping Instructions (SI) or through a separate document, the gross weight (including the cargo item, the outer packaging and the pallet, if any) on the documents are true and accurate;

2.       You submit us the gross mass documents before the cut-off time of AMASS VGM.

3.       Once you find your submitted gross mass is wrong, contact us for change immediately.


Please understand it is you and your customers’ responsibility to obtain and provide the correct and true gross weight, as we really need your cooperation to achieve the strict implementation of the regulations. To do our diligence, AMASS will do spot check of cargo weight or the full container weight when receiving the cargo and transporting out of the warehouse. As far as we know, many ports and terminals also will verify the gross of the full containers.


It is no doubt that the implementation of VGM rule will increase the cost of the whole logistics supply chain. Thus we will be on the watch, and we plan to add a new VGM surcharge after July 1 2016. Details will be announced later.  


AMASS have established VGM submission channels with over 40 ocean carriers, and could provide weighing services in many districts.


If you have relevant business requirements, please contact our local customer service representatives.