Market leader out of Shanghai, with a strong branch network throughout China, consolidated cargo (LCL) is at the heart of our group. Dedicated customer service, frequent sailings, global coverage and a strong network of own subsidiaries and selected partners ensure our quality and your satisfaction.

Combining your shipments efficiently and cost effective, using our specialized infrastructure platforms to leverage our competitive advantage.

Focusing on direct connections, we constantly strive to choose the fastest way for our customers. Listening to our customer’s demand, closely following market opportunities and with our drive for innovation we are continuously developing new destinations and inland locations.

AMASS LCL service quality is ensured with a series of standard processes and constant internal quality controls. Seamless connection with customers, carriers, customs authorities and overseas partners enable 24/7 cargo monitoring.

Your consignment - Our commitment!

  • Professional, dedicated and experienced teams at your service
  • 300 direct consolidation points around the world
  • Committed subsidiaries and selected quality partners at destination
  • Transparent quotations and standard destination charges
  • Own warehouse (CFS) operation at key locations
  • Quality management system
  • 24 hrstracking & tracing online


Cargo World Network - Global Leading Consolidators

AMASS is the co-founder of Cargo World Network, an association of selected, leading regional operators in maritime consolidation, cooperating on unified standards, providing their customers with coherent, reliable and environmentally friendly, global transportation services.

The partnership extends beyond daily business, fostering exchange and cooperation in fields of strategy, procurement, information technology and other industry challenges.

Through its dedicated partners within the Cargo World Network, AMASS is able to provide its customers with global consolidation services at unified service standards, beyond the ports where AMASS group has own import and export LCL operations.